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Frequently Asked Questions


Daniel J. Coles
Enrolled Agent
Licensed and authorized to represent you in all states.


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Do we directly pay the IRS or FTB for you, using automated clearing house (ACH)?  


No, we do not offer this service. You can use direct pay, regular checks or credit cards through various services.


Do we have rapid refunds?


Yes, we do use direct deposits into your designated bank accounts. The IRS normally has a cycle of about ten days for refunds if there’s no processing issues with your tax returns.


Can I do my tax returns virtually?


Yes, we use a secure portal system to receive and deliver tax documents and tax returns. For authorized signatures we use Right Signature. If you’re filing married filing joint please take note that both spouses will need a separate e-mail address for this system.


How much do your tax preparation services cost?


We provide complimentary written estimates for all tax preparation clients. Before your estimate is provided, we do require copies of your previous year tax returns and your current year documents and bookkeeping.


Can you represent me if I get audited?


Yes, we do provide representation services for correspondence, office and field examinations.


Do you provide bookkeeping services help with home loans, financial planners and health insurance?


No, we do not offer bookkeeping or payroll services. The fee for tax preparation doesn’t include services for audit representation, mortgage comfort letters, tax planning services, issues with financial planners, attorneys and divorces. 

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