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Quality Tax Preparation

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We offer tax preparation services for all years and all states, using a fully virtual platform.


My tax preparation services highlight high income individuals, stock option reporting, virtual currency and offshore account compliance, multi state rental properties, small business reporting, complex stock transactions and retirement saving strategies.


I have thirty years of experience keeping Limited Liability Companies and S Corporations in compliance with Federal and State regulations. My services also include tax preparation for gift taxes, estates and trusts.


I do help non-filers to come back into the system preparing late filed returns and negotiation or installment agreements and collection alternatives.


I do represent taxpayers at all levels of the Internal Revenue Service, utilizing our in-house conference room to meet with IRS agents and present taxpayer’s documents in examinations. I do use outside licensed attorneys to assist with petitions before the United States Tax Court, criminal investigations, bankruptcy actions and divorces. 

We take the time to find all the deductions that you can legally use to lower your tax liability.



Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation.

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